$35,000 To Turn Tesla Model S Into 2-Door Coupe


The Tesla Model S is an amazing, cutting-edge electric vehicle, and for some people the only problem is that it has two doors too many. Newport Convertible Engineering, the company building 100 Tesla Model S convertibles for an unnamed Chinese investor, is now offering Tesla Model S owners a two-door coupe conversion for the sum of $35,000…the projected cost of the Tesla Model E.

This new conversion follows another large order of customized Tesla Model S sedans from the same unnamed Chinese investor, and NCE is offering the conversion to other Model S owners as well. A total of 600 Tesla coupes and convertibles will be built, with 100 of each already spoken for. Want to go the next step and add a softtop convertible conversion? Tack on another $25,000, for a total of $60,000 (!!) Want a hardtop droptop? That will set you back $80,000, on top of the cost of your Tesla Model S.

Suffice to say, it might just be worth waiting for Tesla to come around and offer a coupe or convertible version from the factory. Then again, there’s no guarantee a two-door Tesla is in the works, and with just 600 units of each available, this is almost certainly a limited-time offer. Still, are two-fewer doors worth an extra $35,000?