Tesla opens latest supercharger in Gila Bend

PHOENIX — Tesla Motors is continuing to reduce the “range anxiety” of its customers with a new supercharging station in Arizona.The company announced last week it has opened a charging station on West Pima Street in Gila Bend that gives Tesla Model S drivers a major connection into California.According to the company, the station along Interstate 8 can be coupled with the already available Yuma, Ariz. station, to allow drivers a connection from either Phoenix or Tucson to San Diego.

The purpose of the superchargers is for distance travel allowing drivers roughly three hours of driving time, then about 20 to 30 minute of charging time, according to Tesla’s website.

The stations are designed to give drivers about a half charge during those 20 minute breaks.

Having a network of charging stations can greatly reduce consumer concerns about running out of battery while attempting long-distance travel, much like gas stations for traditional cars. So far, Tesla Motors has 94 charging stations in North America designed only for Tesla vehicles.

The company expects to continue to introduce more stations as part of a company plan to cover 98 percent of the U.S. population by 2015.